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Supporting Individuals in our Community

The Ian and Clare Mattioli Charitable trust are happy to help individuals with grants or equipment which make a difference to member of our communities. People are often too proud to ask for help themselves, and often other people make us aware of challenging situations which effect people and families and lead to hardship, or overwhelming obstacles which affect their life situation.

Our gifts can be large or small but most often have a big impact on the lives of those who need them.

We have funded healthcare devices such as hearing aids which were needed as a result of hearing loss due to work, we’ve helped gifting iPad’s and laptops to children during lockdown to enable them to continue to access their learning environment, we’ve even helped by paying stamp duty which enabled a young person to buy their first home – a situation which they never dreamed would become a reality.

Earlier in the year we funded the purchase of infant travel systems for a family who recently had twins – double trouble as anyone might guess, but increasingly so when the babies have cerebral palsy. Ronnie and Rory from Loughborough were born 8 weeks premature and after noticing that their progress towards milestones wasn’t quite as expected they were diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

The twins face an unknown future and family life has become daunting for their parents.

“We know we need to give them the best life and a life they truly deserve”

In order to help Ronnie and Rory meet their full potential, early intervention is key and the family are raising vital funds via Just4Children – you can read their full story and donate directly here

We are delighted to have helped in some small way and will follow their progress with interest as they continue to access the help and support they need.


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