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Ian Mattioli MBE Receives Honorary Degree

Our founder Ian Mattioli has been awarded an honorary degree by the University of Leicester.

Ian was recently awarded a Doctorate of Laws for his successful business career and philanthropy, he has worked meticulously to give back to local and national causes since he co-founded Mattioli Woods over 30 years ago with Bob Woods MBE.

He received his Honorary Degree at the University’s graduation ceremony at De Montfort Hall on Tuesday 19 July 2022 in front of hundreds of graduating students and friends. He was among five other stars from the world of research, business and entertainment.

Ian and his wife privately set up The Ian and Clare Mattioli Charitable Trust, working on recent projects including Leicester’s Warning Zone, Microloan Foundation Malawi, Aylestone Park Football Club, who saw their new 500 seat grandstand open earlier this year, thanks to money from the Trust, and helping Leicester Riders build a new arena.

In his speech at the ceremony, Ian gave four pieces of advice;

"...always care, be passionate, be the expert in anything you choose to do, surround yourself with great family, great friends and people who have the same passions and beliefs. I lead a simple life but throughout that I've tried to look after other people.''

On receiving the news of his honorary degree, Ian said, “while it is nice to receive personal recognition and a massive thanks to Leicester University, it is often the work of the people around you that enable such things to happen. My advice, as I said at the ceremony, was for us all to surround ourselves with people who are equally expert, passionate and have integrity. I am lucky that both in my family life and business I have been able to achieve this aim and in doing so all our combined ambitions are able to be achieved.”

Photo credit: REDPIX Photography


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