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Sullivan’s Heroes - Building Thomas a Future in Bromley Cross

The Ian & Clare Mattioli Charitable Trust recently donated to Sullivan’s Heroes to support the adaptation of a family home in Bromley Cross, to enable seven year old Thomas Brown to be cared for at home as he grows, also enabling him become more independent as he reaches adulthood.

Sullivan’s Heroes supports numerous families in the UK who have disabled children, and who need to adapt their homes to meet the child’s care and health requirements. Whilst council grants may be available, in many cases, these don’t fulfill the needs, and additional funds, often quite substantial, are required for the building project.

Sullivan’s Heroes offers fundraising support specifically for these vital home adaptations. The charity raises funds and provides a fundraising platform and financial grants to help these families striving to create the optimal environment to continue to care for their child at home, safely, and with dignity.

Further information can be found here;

“The adaptations we intend to make to our house in Bromley Cross will allow us to continue to care for Thomas as he gets bigger and heavier and we get older. They will also lay the way for independent living once he reaches adulthood. Simply getting them approved has been a 4 year battle with architects, builders, planning and the council but finally  we are ready to go in January 2021. We have a builder who is prepared to take us on and we have our DFG secure alongside money from a remortgage however we are at least £30K short of the funds needed for the project to go ahead. We are not looking for small donations from friends and family, they have done enough over the past few years to help and support us. We are hoping to engage with medium to large charities and corporations instead to help us give our wonderful son dignity in his care and the best chance of living as independent a life as possible.” Ian Brown, Thomas’s Dad

To support Thomas’s fund directly visit:


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