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Feilden Foundation

COVID-19 Support to Schools in Uganda

Providing mandatory temperature measuring equipment.

About the Cause

The Feilden Foundation seeks to use its resources to empower communities. We aim to improve both the educational infrastructure, and the teaching and learning opportunities that are available for children and young people in Africa, that will serve as exemplar models of practice to others.


The Ian & Clare Mattioli Charitable Trust made a donation to the Feilden Foundation who were introduced to us by a longstanding client and we were happy to support in addition to our other charitable giving in the Country. The Foundation who work to enhance educational infrastructure across East Africa were keen to support the schools during the COVID-19 crisis. Many schools were not able to reach the safety measures imposed by Government, and therefore would not be allowed to reopen, resulting in children being unable to carry on their education for the foreseeable future. One of the safety requirements given by the Ministry of Health to guide schools was for each school to have a well calibrated working temperature gun at each entrance, something too costly for most schools to afford. So the Feilden Foundation – supported by donation from The Trust sent 100 temperature guns to Uganda which enabled 100 schools to re-open with the correct Covid-19 safety measures in place. The ministry of Education of Uganda was so grateful to learn about the news of the donation that they have pledged continued support to the same schools Visit the Feilden foundation project page here

"Thank you for your kind donation - one of the first thing we did with a small amount of your donation was to provide temperature guns to school to allow the children to return. One of our trustees is a headteacher in Uganda and he said every school in the country required a £50 infrared temperature gun to check the temperatures of all children before they were allowed to reopen the schools post COVID,- but most schools simply could not afford them. So although this is not not normally what we fund it seemed very sensible to help support the schools in the Kampala area."


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