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De Montfort University – Gifted Beyond their Years Fund

The Ian & Clare Mattioli Charitable Trust recently donated a scholarship to The Gifted Beyond Their Years fund which provides financial support to students whose challenging circumstances mean they would not be able to attend De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) without a scholarship.

The was made to DMU to directly support a student who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to access higher education and complete a university degree.

Some aspiring and academically talented students face almost insurmountable obstacles in their quest for the education they desire and deserve. This scholarship will support those who have faced barriers such as parents who have had to prioritise raising children over their education, women and girls who were denied the opportunity, people with illnesses or disabilities, carers or others with financial dependencies.

Commenting on the donation Professor Katie Normington Vice-Chancellor of De Montfort University said

“My thanks go out to you and your generous donation to the 'Gifted Beyond Their Years' Fund. On behalf of De Montfort University and its students, let me extend my heartfelt gratitude to you. Your donation is instrumental in our commitment to empowering our students and our commitment to provide first class education to all, regardless of background or opportunity.

As a result of your donation, students will be able to focus on their studies and realise their full potential and relieve some of the financial pressures they face.

The University's ability to deliver the highest quality education and provide the widest range of opportunities depends on the support of individuals and organisations such as yours”.

Find out more about the fund below


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